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Applied Ends                            

An applied end is a 3/4" thick, two sided panel which covers the pre-assembled side of a standard Confirmat contruction method cabinet.
We generally include an additional inch of depth to allow up to 3/16" for scribing to a wall at the back edge to come out flush to the door and drawer front, however we can make it any depth that you require, just give us the actual dimensions that you need.
We traditionally edgeband three sides of an end panel so it may be a left or right at box height. If you need your panels to go to the floor and only the front edge banded, just give us actual dimensions, including any extra scribe that you may need.
Example - LEP - 25" x 30 1/2"  B-3 would be a standard base end panel at box height banded on three edges.
If that panel was on the side of a dishwasher and needs to support the countertop and you want to scribe it to both the back wall and the floor, it might be a LEP - 24 1/4" x 34 3/4"  B-1 long. 
If that same panel was going on the back of an island and was box height with a recessed toe space on four sides, it would need banding on all four sides.
As in; required width x 30 1/2"  B-4, and so on.
Be sure to let us know on the order form what materials you want the end panels made from, the edgebanding material, the thickness of the edgebanding, the dimensions of the panels and what edges you need banded.
LEP = Left side end panel - (Width x Height)
REP = Right side end panel - (Width x Height)
RP = refrigerator panel - (Width x Height)
Panel = any other panel - (Width x Height)

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