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Boring Patterns                        

All standard modules come with construction boring for Confirmat screw assembly unless otherwise specified.
All line boring is set up to accomodate adjustable shelves, hinge plates and drawer slides where applicable.
If you need an extra drawer or fixed shelf (FS) in any cabinet, we need to know the exact location.
For a fixed shelf,  a dimension from the top of the cabinet down or from the bottom up to the center of the FS is required.
If you need a non-standard drawer depth for any cabinet, we need to know what length you require so that we can change the slide hole configuration in the box sides and the actual drawer box depth if we are supplying them.
If you need a  3 drawer base and you dont need the top drawer because your cooktop is 4" deep for instance, identify the cabinet as a B3D 36 no top drawer
If you need a custom boring  pattern for any reason on any cabinet, make sure that you specify what you need  on the order form, per line item.

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