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We are capable of providing any custom sizes and boring patterns for hardware applications depending on your needs. The catalog is in 3" increments as a template to order what you need. 
If you require non-standard sizes for your job, please modify the size by using the catalog nomenclature for the module, and list the custom dimensions - width x height x depth. We only need the non-standard dimensions for the module you are modifying, as all boxes have inherent dimensions in their nomenclature. 
For example, a base box is 24" deep and 30 1/2" high. If those two dimensions are to remain unchanged, and you only need to change the width, list the module as a BTD-29 1/4. If the same module needs to be 36" high, list it as a BTD-29 1/4 x 36 high. If the module need to be deeper, but still 30 1/2 H, list it as a BTD-29 1/4 x 27 deep. To change all 3 dimensions, call the module a BTD-29 1/4 x 36 x 27 and we will change all the properties for that module to your required dimensions

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