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Door Hinges                            

Many types of door hinges are available from different manufacturers. 
Our boring sytem is based upon a flush, full overlay concealed hinge, unless you tell us otherwise. 
The hinge is a two part system; the hinge mounting plate which mounts in our specific plate holes in the cabinet side, and the actual hinge that mounts to the door and clips onto the plate.
There are a variety of hinges, depending on the degree of opening requirement for the specific door, they range from -45 to 170 degrees. Additionally, there are specialty hinges for blind corners, 45 degree corners, interior 90 degree bi-fold, flip-up, tilt-out tray hinges, most of which will accomodate a soft close device.
We can supply your Blum hinges and hinge plates by checking the box under supplied hardware on the order form.



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