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Drawer File Rails                        

We base our file drawer heights and widths on two types of hanging file rail systems; Kine Flex and Pendaflex.
If you are using a system other than ours, please let us know what height the drawer boxes need to be to accomodate your system.
Our standard drawer construction (3/4" upset bottom) will not work with hanging file rails, which is why we have designated cabinet nomenclature for file ready boxes. Both use an applied bottom rather than a dadoed bottom for the additional interior height required for clearance of the file folder tab at top of both drawers. The file drawer cannot be used for storage as the bottom will not support the weight of a dadoed drawer construction.
The minimum width for a letter and legal size file drawer using Kine Flex rails are 17" and 20 " respectively.
The minimum width for a letter and legal size file drawer using Pendaflex rails are   16 1/2" and 19 1/2" respectively.
If you have a drawer that you intend on using for files, please designate it with an F in the nomenclature of that box; D3DF - 16 1/2 = desk three drawer 16 1/2 wide where the bottom drawer is a minimum width letter size file drawer.
Dont forget to check the box under supplied hardware on the order form if you want us to supply the file rails for your order.

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