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Drawer Slides                          

There are many different types of slides on the market today, at a wide range in cost. They come in 3/4 extension, full extension, light duty, heavy duty, side mount, undermount, self closing, soft closing, touch release, etc.
All slides are not created equal!
The manufacturers use a wide variety of hole patterns which we must adjust our boring programs for in the cabinet side for each length and model of slide to accomodate the closing devices and such.
We have programs written to accomodate our standard drawer slides which are Blum and Accuride products.
We need to know what slide you intend to use on your job whether we are supplying them or not. The widths of the drawer boxes are also specific to the slide model. Please be specific as to the make and model # of slide that you intend to use or it will not work in the system holes that we provide.
There is an upcharge for writing programs for non-standard drawer slides.
We will not accept any responsibility for incorrectly written programs that are based on information provided by the customer.
The hole pattern must be specific and drawings from the munufacturer with exact hole locations will be required!


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