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Edgebanding is used to cover the machine  cut edges of any core material that your boxes are manufactured from, giving the appearance of a solid material. 
There are many different available materials such as PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine,  or wood veneers, and and with over 1000 colors of PVC and all major wood species, matching any stain color is possible.
The thickness vary from .5mm (.018"), 1mm (.039"), 2mm (.070") and 3mm (.125") for PVC's and .5mm (.018") and 1.5mm (.0625") for wood veneers, and be run square or with a radius edge profile on the 1.5mm and greater thicknesses.
There are color matches to most plastic laminates in .5mm PVC's, however in 1, 2 and 3mm the color choices are limited to commodity colors. 
Over 350 stain colors in various wood species with many different grain patterns are available in .5mm PVC's as well as patterns and solid colors
The adjustable shelf edge can either be the box edge color, or the color match to your cabinet interior.
Please indicate which you prefer on your order form under box edge and adjustable shelf edge.





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