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High Pressure Laminates                

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is the most durable laminate available. It has higher impact, moisture and scratch resistance than all other plastic laminates.
HPL is available in 800 colors and three thicknesses; standard grade, post-form grade and vertical grade and is made of multiple layers of paper saturated with phenolic resin and bonded to a phenolic backer sheet under heat and pressure. Vertical grade is commonly used for doors, drawer fronts, finished and applied ends of cabinets. 
For doors, drawer fronts and applied ends, the laminate sheet is glued to a substrate of particle board, MDF, plywood or any no added urea formaldehyde core material typically using a PVA glue. A backer sheet of the same thickness as the face is used to balance the panel and helps prevent warping. The backer sheet is available in many colors to match the melamine interior of the cabinet, or reversed for matching the interior of a cabinet without doors to the door and drawer front color of the surrounding cabinets.
Be sure to let us know which cabinets are to have a laminate interior on you order form per line item.

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